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We are company with more than 21 years of experience in lightning protection. After several years investing and developing R&D, we have managed to patent our own technology worldwide. 

The idea of Dinnteco International is to revolutionize lightning protection systems. Not only we developed a product that breaks with the pre-established parameters in terms of lightning protection, but it is also a completely ecological product that respects the environment. 

We have a wide network of distributors with presence in 38 countries, having installed more than 10,000 devices in 12 different market sectors.

Dinnteco International S.L. DESIGNS, MANUFACTURES and COMMERCIALIZES its protection systems with custom-made applications for all sectors.


Presentación del DDCE. Dinnteco International S.L.

Video Presentación/Explicación del DDCE "Dispositivo Desionizador de Cargas Electrostaticas" y de Dinnteco International SL

Publicada por Dinnteco International en Jueves, 1 de agosto de 2019

Standards and certifications

Dinnteco products comply with international standards for lightning protection

Featured products

DDCE 100 plus UL
DDCE 100 plus UL

Protection system against atmospheric discharges and electromagnetic protector that avoids the impact of lightning on the structure it protects.
Unique and effective system for the protection of external electromagnetic pulses (absorbs the PEM between 60 and 90% minimizing damage from indirect effects).
In this case, the protection radius of the DDCE 100 plus UL can also be 100 m, provided that the regulatory requirements are met.

dinfil filter

The DNNFT model dinfil ground filter is a high reactance filter for protection against high frequency ground induced surges from atmospheric discharges, electromagnetic pulses and other sources.
Unique and effective system for the protection of high frequency surges induced by earth in all types of structures.
The dinfil is recommended to be installed in all types of structures.

dinfil filter


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