Mission, vision and values


At Dinnteco, our mission is to change the way society understands Lightning Protection Systems by offering unique, innovative, and environmentally responsible technology even though we know it is an obstacle course, but these are unique opportunities for us to overcome.


Our goal is to be the world leader in the Lightning Protection Systems sector, offering our experience and knowledge to any type of customer to always fulfill their needs and requirements, backed by a total commitment to quality, continuous innovation, working safely and with total environmental awareness. Al this is carried out by a fully committed, expert and motivated professional team, achieving long term professional relationships with both external and internal customers.

Corporate values

They guide the Dinnteco Group's actions and behavior around the world:

  • Resilience
    Enables us to solve problems, face challenges and turn weaknesses into strengths.
  • Integrity:
    We guarantee trust and mutual respect between us and our clients, thus contributing to the perfect functioning of our company.
  • Transparency:
    We generate trust, it is the most effective way to forge valuable and lasting relationships.
  • Improvement:
    Human value that allows us to achieve our goals and illusions, and to do it better and better and more motivated.
  • Quality:
    Essential value that considers not only perfection in products and processes, but also in service, considering the needs of customers.
  • Innovation:
    Continuous process of new creations achieving market revolution.
  • Customer orientation:
    Our business philosophy is to give priority to the customer, making decisions always respecting their needs and requirements.