DDCE “full vessel protection” from direct lightning and EMP

All elements of the boat will be protected from any lightning effect


Yacht owners are increasingly suffering from the consequences of lightning strikes. Although the material damage to the yacht is compensated by insurers, the lost time, the cancelled vacation, the lack of charter income, the impairment of the yacht other accompanying costs and the great feeling of insecurity caused by a lightning strike remain. The solution to these problems is now available:

It is called DDCE!

A patented all-in-one system to prevent direct lightning strikes.

For the eventuality that the lightning strike will hit the water outside the protected area, a sufficient protection against electromagnetic impulses (EMP) is recommended.

For the electronic equipment are these EMP’s just as dangerous as direct strikes. The harmful EMP can move hundreds of meters and enters the inside of the boat through conductive parts in the hull.

The DDCE (Electromagnetic Charge Compensation Device) is a system of protection against atmospheric discharges and an electromagnetic protector that avoids the impact of the lightning strike on the protected structure.

To protect the electronic equipment from EMP’s we recommend installing a dinfil ground filter which reduces the high frequencies. The remaining low frequencies will be discharged to ground by a surge protector (SPD).

DDCE Information

Full protection

To protect from the direct lightning effects.

To protect from the direct lightning effects.

To protect from the indirect lighting effects.

To protect from the indirect lighting effects.

How it works

Defined as pasive collector system of electrostatic currents on time, that takes them to ground.

The operating principle is based on balancing or compensate the variable electric field on the environment, avoiding the upward leader on the DDCE and on to the protected structure.

Tested by the Laboratory of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pau (France)

Tested and proved

DINNTECO products are innovative, cutting edge in lightning protection. All of our line of devices are tested on the Official Central Electrotechnical Laboratory (L.C.O.E) of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, to demonstrate that the equipment works properly.

General installation

Installing DDCE to prevent direct lightning strikes to the protected structure.

Installing dinfil filter to protect the indirect effects from lightning strikes.


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