Some testimonials from clients who have trusted Dinnteco and are satisfied with the results

"... I have no doubt that it will mark a very radical change in terms of Lightning Protection Systems in Mexico.

by disabling 20 conventional Franklin type lightning rods with a Dinnteco DDCE-100 device".

Baldomero Ramón Platas
Baldomero Ramón Platas

"Damage caused by lightning is increasing. In recent years the number corresponding  events at Pantaenius tripled. Although the effects of a direct or indirect lightning strike can vary greatly, they often mean considerable danger for man and material. Even days after an unnoticed lightning strike it happens that boats suddenly sink at the pier.
Whether and how a boat survives a thunderstorm is not only a question of luck. A properly installed lightning protection system such as the Dinnteco DDCE system protects people and material.
The DDCE system is therefore supported by us and a compliant protective measure for us. And it also exempts the customer from an excess in the event of a lightning strike in particularly endangered shipping areas."

Holger Flindt
Holger Flindt
Head of Claims Department