Warranty protocol Marine

PRODUCT WARRANTY PROTOCOL for DDCE (models DDCE Marine-BG, DDCE Marine-MD and DDCE Marine-LT) and dineol in marine use

The warranty for DDCE Marine models (BG, MD and LT) and other products or models that can be installed on marine vessels, is valid for 1 year and if the maintenance is performed and validated every year, the warranty is renewed for another year and so on, up to a maximum period of 3 years. If the annual maintenance is not carried out, the warranty will not be renewed. In any case, the start-up and maintenance protocol must be followed for each installation and recorded in the documents provided by the Manufacturer. The initial start-up and maintenance protocol is mandatory to activate the warranty.

1.    Coverage and application of the warranty

The warranty applies to DDCE Marine (BG, MD and LT) and dineol models for marine use manufactured by Dinnteco Factory S.L.

DINNTECO Factory S.L. (hereinafter the manufacturer) undertakes to repair or replace the defective DDCE Marine product (hereinafter the product) with a new one of equal value free of charge, in the event that a manufacturing defect of the product is detected during the warranty period of three (3) years from the date that the original protocol of commissioning of the product was performed and provided that the annual maintenance of the product has been performed by a company approved by Dinnteco International. The costs of shipping, handling and packaging of the defective product must be paid initially by the customer, but will be reimbursed by the manufacturer after verifying that the conditions for repair or replacement of the defective product are met. 

 The manufacturer will not repair or replace the defective product if it has been damaged by a non-environmental cause. Hail and salt are considered environmental causes. In the event of a direct lightning strike on the product, the manufacturer will replace the product with a new one. The manufacturer will also not repair or replace the defective product if it has been used for non-maritime use.

 The manufacturer does not cover in any case the damage caused by lightning strikes on structures of the vessel, or that impact on structures external to it, nor does it cover in any case the damage caused by over voltages or electromagnetic pulses arising from the indirect effects of lightning or other causes.

The end customer must address his request to repair or replace the defective product to the local or regional distributor of the manufacturer before the expiration of three years from the date of the protocol of commissioning of the defective product together with the proof of the protocol of commissioning of the product. The manufacturer will not entertain requests from end customers addressed directly to the manufacturer.

2.    Excusions of product warranty

a.    Installed PRODUCTS that do not comply with any of the installation requirements described in the products' Instruction Manual (e.g., grounding resistance must be less than 10 Ohms to be considered correct).

b.    The PRODUCTS sold and/or installed by distributors or installers not approved and/or authorized by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz.

c.    PRODUCTS that have suffered natural catastrophes, meteorological agents (except direct lightning strike), impact, crushing, improper use during transportation or installation, acts of vandalism or terrorism and in general causes not attributable to a defective product or malfunctioning or non-functioning product.

d.    PRODUCTS that do not have the corresponding official manufacturer's serial number identified.

e.    PRODUCTS that have not been repaired, if necessary; by personnel authorized by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz or Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz own staff.

f.    PRODUCTS whose failure is caused by an external component or accessory that affects the proper functioning of the product.

g.    PRODUCTS that have undergone the mandatory annual maintenance outside the warranty period issued on an annual basis in accordance with point 3.c of the official product warranty protocol. The loss of warranty may be partial (Example 2 point 3c) or total (Example 3 point 3c).

3.    Definition Defective product due to a manufacturing defect

Defective products shall be considered to be products resulting from a manufacturing defect:

a.    Those that do not pass the electrical insulation test described in the product's instruction manual and/or in point 2 of the "annual maintenance protocol".

b.    Products whose mechanical condition is such (broken, disassembled) that they do not pass the electrical insulation test.
c.    Products that have been damaged due to improper handling during installation or maintenance, i.e., products with knocks or other defects not clearly arising from their own activity and function, shall not be considered defective products arising from a manufacturing defect under this warranty.