Civil Liability Insurance


Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz SLU has contracted a "Civil Liability Insurance" with the company GENERALI Seguros (Policy No. RSG286000224).


1. Damages covered.

The aforementioned policy guarantees the Civil Liability attributable to the insured party for damages to third parties caused by the insured products due to abnormal operation of the same due to a manufacturing defect.

The provisions of the previous section regarding the guaranteed coverage shall be applicable in the event of loss, taking into account "always" the technical characteristics of the insured product, and if, based on the same, the product should have fulfilled its purpose and did not do so due to a manufacturing defect.

In the event of a claim, the insurance company will verify the manufacturing defect. The policy covers a value of up to 6,000,000 euros per claim and year. Excluded from this coverage are the effects that may appear on the installation and/or product and/or structure or protected area, derived from indirect effects due to external induced overvoltages of any origin, as well as external or internal effects not attributable to the potential malfunction of the equipment in the event that it is defective. It also covers damage to third parties for a value of up to 600,000 Euros per victim. (Except USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia, which will be up to 3,000,000.00 Euros)

Important Note: The value of up to 6,000,000 Euros applicable is for the total of THE PRODUCTS installed in the structure or area to be protected. For example, if 3 DDCE are required to protect a structure or area, the value of the insurance will be for the total of the DDCE installed. In order for the insurance to cover a product/s declared as defective, this/these product/s must have the warranty in force provided by the manufacturer.


2. Coverage Period

2 years from the date of installation as recorded in the official start-up protocol.


3. Exclusions of coverage of the Civil Liability Insurance

  1. All products excluded from the coverage of this insurance are all those products declared as defective that do not have in force the product warranty provided by the manufacturer and having said warranty, more than 2 years have elapsed since the product was installed, counting from the date of installation registered in the official start-up protocol.  Therefore, in the event that the conditions and requirements for the application of this insurance are met, it will only be susceptible to be applied and claim, if applicable, damages to third parties, during the first 2 years of the issuance of the product warranty provided by the manufacturer. Important Note: During the remainder of the product warranty period (years 3, 4 and 5), only product substitution will be covered subject to compliance with the official product warranty protocol.
  2. In order for the insurance of the product to be in effect it is necessary and obligatory requirement, that the protection design against lightning for the protection of the structure has been designed by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz or companies of the Dinnteco Group or has been reviewed and approved by means of objective evidences by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz or companies of the Dinnteco Group.


4. Geographical scope of the Insurance

Worldwide coverage, including USA and CANADA.


5. Procedure for declaration of the claim

The following steps must be followed:

  1. The customer must inform the official distributor and the official distributor must provide objective data to the manufacturer of the incident/accident that has occurred:
    1. Photographic evidence of the claim.
    2. Other evidence deemed significant or important by the client.
  2. In order to certify if the product(s) has a manufacturing defect, an electrical insulation test shall be performed according to the terms of the product maintenance protocol.
    • In case the electrical insulation test is correct (it must be verified and accepted by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz by means of objective evidence), it will mean that the product is in good working order and therefore, the product will not be considered defective.
    • In the case that the electrical insulation test is not correct according to the requirements marked in the maintenance protocol, the manufacturer will inform the Insurance Company that the product has a manufacturing defect. It will be the Insurance Company that will verify these defects and dictate the steps to follow. (not applicable to products included in section 4 of the Land Product Warranty Protocol (
  3. The official installer/distributor will make a visit and provide all the objective data of the incident/accident occurred to the manufacturer.