DDCE operation

The first action of the DDCE is to gather positive charges from around its immediate environment like a conventional lightning rod, and it also gathers negative charges from the clouds and air, so the gathered positive and negative charges are slowly neutralized or compensated within the DDCE. 

The weak electrical current produced during the process will be slowly returned to the earth, and by repeating this process continuously, the electrical charges are no longer accumulated and are prevented from becoming saturated; and therefore, an upward path is prevented from forming, preventing direct lightning strikes on the DDCE and on the entire structure it protects.

Since there is no neutralisation or compensation of the rapidly changing electric field, it is possible to prevent the impact and the lightning from occurring.

This function has been demonstrated in high voltage tests.

Presentación del DDCE. Dinnteco International S.L.

Video Presentación/Explicación del DDCE "Dispositivo Desionizador de Cargas Electrostaticas" y de Dinnteco International SL

Publicada por Dinnteco International en Jueves, 1 de agosto de 2019