DDCE warranty

This warranty applies to DDCE 100 Plus, DDCE 50 Plus, DDCE Chemical 100, DDCE Chemical 50 and DDCE Magma, dineol (land use exclusively).


1. Warranty coverage

The warranty applies to the models manufactured by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz S.LU. described in this document.

The warranty issued by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz covers the replacement of the defective product derived from a manufacturing defect for a new product. The costs of shipping, handling and packaging of the defective product must be paid initially by the customer, but will be reimbursed by the manufacturer after verifying that the conditions for the repair or replacement of the defective product are met. It does not include the uninstallation of the defective product or the installation of the new product sent under warranty with its associated costs in accessories and personnel.


2. Warranty period.

The products have a maximum warranty period of 5 years, if the requirements of point 3 of this protocol are met.


3. Application of the warranty:

In order to apply the product warranty, the following requirements must be met on a mandatory basis:

  1. Once the product has been installed; the document "Start-up protocol" must be filled in and sent to the e-mail garantías@dinnteco.com. Once reviewed and approved by the warranty department, the product warranty certificate will be issued for a period of 1 year.
  2. Before the end of the warranty year, the "annual maintenance protocol" described in the Instruction Manual must be carried out and completed. Once completed, it must be sent to the e-mail garantías@dinnteco.com. Once reviewed and approved by the warranty department, the product warranty certificate will be issued for a period of 1 more year. This maintenance process should be performed annually. The maximum warranty period is 5 years (1 year start-up plus 4 years of annual maintenance).
  3. Mandatory annual maintenance must be performed within the last month of the product's warranty period. In case it is performed outside the warranty period, the product will lose the warranty from the day the annual warranty expired until the date the maintenance was performed and will be activated again from the day the maintenance was performed until 2 years of its installation (1st maintenance) or 3, 4 or 5 years (case of 2, 3 or 4 maintenance). If the maintenance is performed more than 1 year after the expiration of the annual warranty, the product will automatically lose its warranty.

Failure to comply with points 3.a. and / or 3.b. will mean that the product is NOT under warranty and exonerate Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz from any criminal, civil and / or economic liability arising from a defective product.


4. Product warranty Exclusions

  1. The PRODUCTS that do not fulfil any of the points 3.a. and 3.b. of the present document.
  2. Installed PRODUCTS that do not comply with any of the installation requirements described in the products' Instruction Manual (e.g., grounding resistance must be less than 10 Ohms to be considered correct).
  3. The PRODUCTS sold and/or installed by distributors or installers not approved and/or authorized by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz.
  4. The PRODUCTS that have suffered natural catastrophes, meteorological agents (except the direct impact of the lightning), blow, crushing, inadequate use during the transport or installation, vandalism or terrorist acts and in general causes not attributable to a defective product or with bad or null operation.
  5. The PRODUCTS that do not bear the corresponding official manufacturer's serial number.
  6. The PRODUCTS that have not been repaired, in its case, by personnel authorized by Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz or own personnel of Dinnteco Factory Gasteiz.
  7. The PRODUCTS whose failure is produced by an external component or accessory that affects the good operation of the product.
  8. The PRODUCTS that have carried out the mandatory annual maintenance outside the period of warranty issued annually according to point 3.c. The loss of the warranty may be partial (Example 2 point 3c) or total (Example 3 point 3c).


5. Definition Defective product resulting from a manufacturing defect

Defective products derived from a manufacturing defect shall be considered as follows:

  1. Those that do not pass the electrical insulation test described in the Product's Instruction Manual and/or in point 2 of the "annual maintenance protocol".
  2. Products whose mechanical condition is such (broken, disassembled) that they do not pass the electrical insulation test.
  3. Products that have been damaged due to improper handling during installation or maintenance, i.e. products with knocks or other defects not clearly arising from their own activity and function, shall not be considered defective products resulting from a manufacturing defect under this warranty.