DDCE warranty

The warranty applies to DDCE models manufactured by Dinnteco International S.L. and marketed and installed by distributors and installers authorized by Dinnteco International S.L.

Damages covered: All damages caused in the protected installation by the impact of a direct lightning strike on the DDCE, derived from a manufacturing defect of the product, up to a maximum value of 6.000.000 euros per equipment and year. Excluded from this coverage are the effects that could appear on the installation and/or product and/or protected area, derived from indirect effects due to external induced overvoltages. It also covers damage to third parties up to a value of 300,000 Euros per victim. 

Geographical scope of cover: Worldwide, including USA and CANADA

Warranty period: 5 years

Application of the warranty: it starts from the reception of the installation in the factory and it will count the date of installation established in the same one.

The warranty is in force for 1 year and if the maintenance is carried out and validated every year, the warranty is renewed for another year and so on, up to a maximum period of 5 years. If the annual maintenance is not carried out, the guarantee will be cancelled.

Important Note: The value of 6,000,000 euros applies to the damage caused by direct lightning strike in any of the DDCE's due to manufacturing defect, of the protected structure, for the total of DDCE's installed in the structure to be protected, that is, if to protect a structure, for example, 3 DDCE's are needed, the value of the insurance will not be 6,000,000 euros for each DDCE and year, but this value will be for the total of the DDCE's installed that have been necessary to protect the specific structure. In any case, in order for the insurance guarantee to be applied, the protection design, that is, the LPS (Lightning Protection System) must comply with the regulations in force in each country and with the Instructions Manual in force for the LPS system.