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Of course, a DDCE guarantees protection against the direct impact of lightning up to a maximum radius of 100 m of coverage (according to the protection table defined for the DDCE according to its height to the reference plane), provided that within this defined radius, there are no ionising structures of similar or greater height and all the metallic structures are at the same electrical potential as the lower semi-sphere of the DDCE.

Basically, that the conventional system has as basic function to attract the lightning with the object to lead it to earth, being able to generate effects of destruction in the electrical, electronic equipment or others, due to the high current (between 1 KA up to 450 KA) of high frequency that has to absorb and that causes very significant thermal, electrodynamic and electromagnetic effects that will depend on the magnitude of the current of high frequency that transports the lightning.
However, the basic function of the Dinnteco system (DDCE) is to avoid the lightning impact on the structure it protects by generating a small current leakage to the ground, as a consequence of the continuous compensation it performs of the variable electric field existing in its environment, which does not generate any destructive effects of any kind on the electric, electronic and other equipment.

Dinnteco International offers an exclusive annual guarantee, extendable up to 5 years and with worldwide coverage. The warranty covers all damages caused to the protected installation by the impact of a direct lightning strike on the DDCE resulting from a manufacturing defect of the product, up to a maximum value of 6,000,000 Euros per claim and year. Excluded from this coverage are the effects that could appear on the installation and/or product and/or protected area, derived from indirect effects due to external induced overvoltage’s. It also covers damage to third parties up to a value of 300,000 euros per victim. 
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We have registered the brands "Dinnteco" and "Dinnteco Lightning Off". The world-wide patent of a product, as such, does not exist, but at the moment that the patent is granted in a country (in our case it was requested and granted in Spain), you have one year of world-wide protection from the date of request of the same one, being able to extend the world-wide protection 18 months more, requesting the call PCT. Once these 18 months have passed, the patent must be applied for in each country you wish. In the case of the DDCE, we have the patent in all America, except Venezuela. All Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and South Africa  

Because it is totally different from any other lightning protection technology developed so far. The technology of the DDCE ensures that the structure protected by it does not generate upward tracers and therefore, there are no lightning impacts on either the DDCE or the structure it protects. This effect is achieved by generating a continuous compensation of the electric field in its immediate surroundings, acting as a sink for variable radio frequency electric charges, which means that no saturation of electrostatic charges or of the electric field can occur in its environment.