About us

Dinnteco International was born with the idea of revolutionizing lightning protection systems, based on three basic concepts:

Prevention, since our technology is the only one in the market that complies with the basic principles of PREVENTIVE activity, which is: "AVOID RISK".

Security, because it´s a technology that prevents the lightning striking the structure or area it protects

Protection, because it protects people, properties and livestock from lightning.

Technological Breakthrough

After several years of research, we have developed and achieved a 100% effective and efficient lightning protection technology, which prevents lightning from appearing in the protected area or structure. Being endorsed by laboratory tests as well as the field tests, and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our technology complies with international standards of lightning protection.

Design, manufacture and distribution

Dinnteco International designs, manufactures and commercializes Lightning Protection Systems with custom-made applications for different sectors. We are supported by 15 years of experience and more than 6,000 facilities around the world. Currently, we distribute our products in 37 countries.

Our manufacturing Center (Dinnteco Factory S.L.) is located in Vitoria (Spain)

We tested all our products in accredited and independent laboratories such as the Official Central Electrical Laboratory of Spain and the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation in Madrid (Spain) (L.C.O.E), the Laboratoire Siame Equipe de Génie Electrique of the Université de Pau et des Pays de L'Adour (France) (L.G.E.) and the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

As well as in recent field test on structures and in areas of high risk of lightning impacts, with data provided by the company MÉTÉORAGE, with results of 100% effectiveness and efficiency.

Innovation and Training

Our Engineering and R&D Departments work every day to improve the quality of the product and its performance.

We give continuous training to our distributors and installers in order to offer a comprehensive and adequate protection solution.


Thanks to its innovative technology, Dinnteco International has made a breakthrough in lightning protection; it has become a benchmark company in the design, development and application of new lightning protection technologies.