With the arrival of monsoon rains in India, thunderstorms are one of the main fears in the country.


At least 83 people died Thursday from lightning strikes in the northern Indian state of Bihar. Thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rains also affected other regions due to the arrival of the monsoon.

The 83 deaths due to "lightning strikes" occurred throughout the day in different districts of Bihar, the most affected with 13 deaths being Gopalganj, located in the northwest of the region, the state Department of Disaster Management said in a statement.

In addition, the chief minister asked the public to remain alert in case of bad weather and follow the advice issued by disaster management authorities, according to a statement issued by his office. "When the weather is bad, stay indoors, stay safe," Kumar stressed.

The thunderstorms are part of the arrival of monsoon rains in India from June to September, when the Indian subcontinent receives 70 percent of the annual rainfall, which often brings floods and other natural disasters.