Dinnteco International & Dinnteco Canada is pleased to announce it has entered into a Canadian Distributorship Agreement with Tall City Telecom of Vancouver BC. The combined companies will search out opportunities in Canada combining resources to create unique and innovative lightning elimination offering and services that work for telecom customers in all regions of the country.

The growing demand for O & M cost savings has significant impact on bottom lines. Dinnteco & Tall City are providing clients with an opportunity to increase savings and efficiencies.

Telecom companies are addressing current challenges in O&M maintenance and extending the life-cycle of assets with a focus on the tools and methodologies to successfully plan, initialize and implement high-level risk management, inspection, maintenance and integrity assurance framework to deliver, support and maintain asset capabilities to ensure it is safe, cost- effective and reliable for operation.

Tim Carter president shares “Our core objective is to demonstrate lower cost accountability, become industry’s preferred lightning education, inspection, maintenance and integrity partner of scale”.  



Tall City Telecom Solutions is a Canadian owned and operated telecommunications solutions company, focusing primarily on wireless solutions for urban and metropolitan areas. Whether it’s small cell deployments, in-building DAS systems, or full build macro sites, we can acquire, design, build and optimize any network solution to meet your specific needs.



Dinnteco, a family owned business based in Spain has more than 20 years of experience in lightning protection worldwide.

Dinnteco International is revolutionizing lightning protection systems in developing a proven product that breaks with the pre-established parameters in terms of lightning protection and completely environmentally safe.

With a network of distributors in 37 countries Dinnteco is pleased to welcome Tall City Telecom as its Canadian telecom partner.


For further information please contact.


Paul Tessier

Dinnteco Canadian Sales & Service

Email: ptessier@dinnteco.com


Tim Carter

President Tall City Telecom